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One of the many reasons people like the classic Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is that its overall design hasn’t changed much over the years.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Replica

The first non-limited edition Speedmaster Professional to get a sapphire back cover is the reference 3592.50. Viewed from the front, the watch looks the same as the regular Speedmaster Professional and comes with the iconic Hesalite dome crystal. However, the flip Omega replica watches, visible through its sapphire back cover, is a gold plated 863 movement movement. The Reference 3592.50 was in production until about 1996, and because of its production run time, almost all of the examples initially left the plant with tritium dial and pointer.

Around 1996, Omega eliminated reference 3592.50 and replaced it with reference 3572.50, which was approximately the same. The main difference between the two watches is the movement that suits them. Reference 3572.50 obtained the Omega 1863 movement, which replaced the gold of the 863 movement and replaced it with a rhodium finish and Geneva stripes. Around 1998,best AAA Omega replica began using the dial and hands 3572.50, using super-luminova to provide them with light rather than the radioactive tritium found in previous models.

By 2003, luxury fake Omega watches stopped using the reference 3572.50 and replaced it with the reference 3573.50, which replaced its predecessor, domed acrylic crystal, with a box-shaped sapphire crystal – hence its nickname, the sapphire sandwich. Internally, the sapphire sandwich is identical to the reference 3572.50, and still USES the Omega 1863 class movement, visible through its sapphire crystal case bottom cover. However, the overall look and feel of the dial side of the watch has changed significantly due to the different shapes and materials of its crystals.

Reference 3592.50 and Reference 3572.50 are no longer produced. But they now have several different nicknames. In their time at cheap Omega replica watches, they were known as sapphire back speedmasters; Now, however, many collectors often refer to them as ” Hesalite Sandwich Speedmasters.” In addition, because of their “front-line business” (nasa-approved Hesalite), a few chose to call them “Mullet Speedmaster professionals;” “Party in the back” (sapphire crystal with decorative movement) construction.