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The 2023 Rolex Replica Watches We Haven’t Shown You Yet

During the 2023 replica watches and miracle period, Rolex replica released a series of updated models. So far, you must have seen these versions, such as rolex replica watches : GMT Master II “Destroy”, Air King, Yacht Master (with or without Falcon Eye), and the new Platinum Day Date. However, what you may not know is that replica Rolex has also released a series of new date dials. Here are some possibilities to fly under your radar.

rolex replica watches

During the meetings on watches and miracles, Rolex replica watch only showed its real novelty. A simple dial change cannot contribute to the display of the new Cheap best replica Rolex watch. Therefore, the brand only showed us new reference materials and included other minor updates in the booth display cabinet. Today, we want to show you the latest dials in the flagship model of the brand, Day Date.

New Rolex Day-Date replica watches

At the replica watch and Miracles Exhibition in Geneva, I noticed a new gold Rolex replica sundial with a green painted dial, which reminded me of the old Stella dial. I wrote about this in this article, but it was impossible in the conference room at that time. About a month later, we received an invitation to visit Rolex’s office in Brussels to see all the new watches launched by the brand, including the “dial update”.

After seeing them, I realized several things. For beginners, the new dial changes are simply amazing. I have never been a fan of 40mm Day Date or even the original dial of replica rolex Day Date II. But in Watches And Wonders 2022 in 2022, the replica Rolex Day Standard 228238 and the new green painted dial surprised me. However, when we visited replica Rolex’s office later, I was deeply impressed by another watch. It is the same as the one above (228,238), but there is a black onyx dial on the dial with a long stick bread hour mark.

Although I do own a (vintage) watch with a diamond timing mark, this is not the appearance that I will buy a new watch immediately. But the combination of onyx and long stick bread diamond marks is very good. The small lines across the dial are unique to each watch. On replica Rolex’s official website, the watch in the picture shows a dial with a curved texture. Although the Day Date 40 with a green dial allows you to return 35600 euros (retail price), the 228238 wristwatch with an onyx dial does not display a price tag. This is only on request.

Day-Date 36

As mentioned above, in this meeting, I have another understanding of the new date change of Rolex replica watches. Although my wrist can easily handle the 40mm version, I prefer the classic 36mm size of this iconic model. In my opinion, the ratio looks better. The original 36mm replica Rolex oyster case is quite elegant, while the 40mm case lacks some refinement. On the 36th day, Rolex replica not only introduced a new platinum version, but also introduced a new dial variant for gold 128238 reference.

I must also admit that I have always believed that the difference between 18238 and the current 128238 lies in bracelets. But that’s not all. As you can see in the picture, the lug tops of 118238 and 128238 are polished, and they were brushed on the previous reference 18238. Not only that, the shell shape between the lugs is also slightly different.

18238 There is an additional “step” between the lugs, which protrudes a little from the frame (see above). However, on the current 128238, the presidential bracelet is directly connected to the watch case.

Anyway, 118238 has been here since 2000, and has received some updates in the past 22 years (now 128238). But the new feature of this watch is the golden hour mark on the white dial. There is already a white with Roman numerals, but this one is marked with a gold bar. As you can see, although it is a “safe” color, it looks quite amazing. This made me look for a white dial for my personal birthday in 18238. My champagne/gold dial with gold hands is not always easy to read. In the new white dial of Day Date 128238, we also found 3255 caliber. The version with this dial costs 150 euros. For football players there, you can also choose diamond watch rings and President bracelets with pav é center links.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, even Rolex Day Date replica watches cannot be purchased from boutiques or authorized dealers. However, recent price developments (and a reduction in demand) may at some point affect the supply of these watches again. If you can’t wait, there is a lot available in the second-hand housing market. Some even have very attractive price tags, especially compared with some Rolex replica steel models.